This may be our first look at the reworked Sony Xperia phone design

Xperia new clasic design

We realize that Sony is at long last wanting to change the design of its telephones, and we may have recently got our first take a gander at what that change will include.

Georgian site cases to have procured configuration drafts for two up and coming Sony handsets and has made renders in light of them, one of which is an exceptionally precise leader which has a mirror-like back.

There are bended segments of an alternate shade at the best and base, while the front has an apparently expansive screen of clearly 4K determination, and little bezels above and beneath. It's a striking design, yet most striking is the claim that the fingerprint scanner will be incorporated with the screen.

That is something that both Apple and Samsung have been supposed to take a shot at, so it could be a major win for Sony on the off chance that it arrives first

The site likewise guarantees this telephone – which may be the Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2 – has a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of capacity, a double focal point raise camera and forward looking stereo speakers.

Xperia XZ

A more Conventional Option

The other telephone envisioned is relied upon to be a lower-end one yet at the same time looks premium, so maybe it's the Sony Xperia XZ2. There's less data on this one, however it clearly has a unique fingerprint scanner on the back as opposed to in the screen.

You can see from the renders that it likewise has a double focal point camera yet that the plan is somewhat plainer, with what has all the earmarks of being a metal back and marginally curvier corners, alongside correspondingly little bezels above and underneath the screen.

We'd bring the greater part of this with a squeeze of salt, particularly the cases of an in-screen scanner, yet with Sony set to change the design of its telephones at some point or another it's conceivable this is exact.

These telephones will have the Samsung Galaxy S9 to contend with

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The Sony Xperia XZ is an extraordinary premium handset offering all that you'd anticipate from a lead telephone. On the off chance that you possess a current Sony telephone however it won't not be sufficient of a change to surge out and get it on the very first moment.


New refined design

Great camera changes

Return of waterproofing


Just full HD screen

No fingerprint scanner in the US

Not running Android 7 Software

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